Crash Landing in the Plaza of An Unknown City / Jia Oak Baker

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2015




Jia Oak Baker is the author of a chapbook, Well Enough to Travel (Five Oaks Press). She is the recipient of a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts and has been awarded residencies from the Wurlitzer Foundation and Hedgebrook. She lives and teaches in Phoenix, Arizona. 


Twitter @jiaoakbaker

Instagram @violetsky29




Morphology of Yellow



If what I exhume reveals itself in contradiction—

both grotesque and gold—what then?


In visible light I dine on my self,

a leg or arm, perhaps.

I dream in ochre pigments.

Sulfur. Saffron. Ambivalence.


What is a ghost interred but sure silence?

No misty wandering. Windless.


Caves of Lascaux.        

Tomb of Nakht.

The kiss of Judas.


I had a body in the beginning.

All winter jasmine and the yolk

of an egg. It was beautiful


you gazed upon it—


especially, the face.