Trollops in Love / Gina Abelkop

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 Gina Abelkop's poems poems have appeared in Encyclopedia: Vol. F-K, MiPoesias,
42Opus, At-large and DIAGRAM, amongst others.

Sockhop Tease

In a terror or crease I bit the half-wit;
what a stalwart, dumb hussy I thought,
rising up to a bloat in my moony state.
Planted my glowing face into palms. There is
some fray on the ribbon. Again in terror I bit.
I’ll bite again. Keep thinking: dumb hussy.
Sly brute. You’re like a bell under your dress.
Under your dress you’re creased from where
the crinoline rubs against you. This is 1951,
don’t forget. We’re in this together.