Cosmonaut | A.E. De Vaul

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A. E. De Vaul writes both prose and poetry, and is interested in exploring the intersections between the two. Cosmonaut is a series of poems designed to work together to tell a story, much like her verse novel forthcoming from Unsolicited Press. Her work can be found in a variety of (mostly UK-based) journals, such as The Interpreter’s HouseThe Fenland ReedThe LiterateurUnder the Radar, and Wasafiri. She is a founding editor of the literary journal Lighthouse, and an editor for Gatehouse Press.



In the mornings men dangle lines
into the canals, bare toes clenched
against cement buttresses
at the feet of bridges or splayed
across the raised pipes -
blue and black - that I imagine
carry fresh water and waste
from bank to muddy bank.
I can't ask, can’t picture
the shapes they pursue.
What forms must swim
these undrinkable waters, what secrets
slip through the sheen
of salt pumped in from the sea?
And where do they go
once they've floated away?