Imaginary Numbers | Alanna Rae

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Alanna Rae is a poet and library assistant in San Diego. She received her M.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, where she was awarded the William Dickey Poetry Fellowship. Her poems have appeared in the San Diego Poetry Annual and the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, among other publications. Her nonfiction book,Consensuality, is available through Microcosm Publishing under the pen name Helen Wildfell. 


Direct Proof:


i can't imagine what the square root of negative one equals i can't imagine

how one plane created knowledge i can't imagine which day apathy turned

into hunger i can't imagine how many apples she ate in the word problem

i can't imagine when movement slithered into curves i can't imagine why

the test failed desire i can't imagine when the leaf covered other memories

i can't imagine who will till the imaginary numbers