surgical ms | C. Text

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Coni Text / I con text / text I con / text icon / C. Text is text, 文. Coni, is a textual embodiment of contexti.* Coni first performed by invitation at the opening of Anima Mundi, Venice, in Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, alongside the Biennale, May 2017. Appearing as the Queen of Contexti, the performance was an iteration of a longer work and finalist for the 2016-17 Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Performance Writers. In April, 2018, C. Text performed alongside The Relationship at the Theatrelab, New York, an abridged version of “Reign of Contexti: a libretto” and later that month, C. Text was seen as a ‘text worker’ in Kelly Malone’s installation, “A Room of One’s Own Works on Paper” at Watt Space Art Gallery, Newcastle, N.S.W., Australia. The play, “Text Icon” authored by ‘C. Text’, was performed within the installation, a room made of hanging contextiosaics (a collection of three years’ worth of Kelly Malone’s handwritten journals, machine and hand shredded, aka contexti, adhered to plastic sheets hanging from the ceiling). Thus, Coni Text was born.


This is C. Text’s first book publication, using poems written by Kelly Malone, whose work has been published in numerous print and online zines, including anthologies and essays on visual and performative poetics.  

*Contexti is the shredded handwriting of Kelly Malone. Her earlier shredded handwriting was woven and is known as ‘text-weaves’ which have been published in the Axon Journal (along with contexti) and are discussed by Lisa Samuels in TCR / The Capilano Review and Over Hear: six types of poetic experiment in Aotearoa / New Zealand. The James Wallace Arts Trust Collection holds one of these text-weaves. Later work, ‘writers-block’ (compressed contexti) was exhibited in the show, ‘Orbital’ at Comet Space, Auckland, New Zealand, September 2018.