A Brown Stone | Elizabeth Jacobson

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Elizabeth Jacobson is the author of the poetry collection Her Knees Pulled In, Tres Chicas Books, 2012, and a chapbook, A Brown Stone, from Dancing Girl Press, 2015.  She is the founding director of the WingSpan Poetry Project, which conducts weekly poetry classes for residents at homeless and battered family shelters in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Miami, Florida. WingSpan recently received a Community Partnership Award from the Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families in Santa Fe. Her honors include the Mountain West Writers’ Award from Western Humanities Review, the Jim Sagel Prize for poetry from Puerto del Sol, a grant from New Mexico Literary Arts, and a residency from the Herekeke Foundation.  She has an MFA from Columbia University.  More information can be found at www.elizabethjacobson.wordpress.com






I knew she was dying without knowing what dying was.  My head peeking
around the doorframe, holding onto the sleeve of my four-year-old brother. 
White translucent face, white cotton terry one-piece with feet, the baby’s
droopy body in the arms of the soft spoken, rosy-cheeked nurse.  Beehive
hair pressed with an iron, white uniform, white ruffled collar, pressed with
an iron.
Always milk dripping from the corner of her curved, faintly smiling mouth,
as if it were melted snow still holding its white color.  Always the same
crooked smile, always the same corner with the milk, always the head
not lifting, hanging off to the side like a sock doll.