A Filmmaker's Handbook | Stefania Irene Marthakis

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Stefania Irene Marthakis holds a BA in Poetry & Theatre from Columbia College Chicago and an MFA in Poetry & Poetics from Naropa University. She interned and volunteered at The Poetry Project in New York City and attended seminars at The European Graduate School. Her poems can be found in Columbia Poetry Review, New American Writing, Bombay Gin, The Recluse, Lungfull!, Tarpaulin Sky Press, andThe Brooklyn Rail, among others. Stefania is the author of three chapbooks: The Summer Flood Came Home, The Picture Show (Another New Calligraphy, 2016), and A Filmmaker’s Handbook (dancing girl press, 2017).



Red breath


My legs, the actress cries in despair, they are so very strange. Cut to three lines on a shoulder or expectation. Cut to an organ of the body not instrument falls. Falls into the stomach or where you don’t consider her. The color red plays to herself in the mirror.  Arrives as loops we are caught in. Pull through clay. Red is a color you dig through. Name six things that repeat. Railroad tracks lay down and convenient chains increase traffic, make it harder to get around town. The French suggest long shots in a cramped apartment. Birds offer brightly colored flowers and beetle shells.  The actor rolls a cigarette. She watches his hands. He pulls at his chin in the mirror.  He feels old. She says I love you or I need a ladder. No large movements made. The film should end. In a town she has never been or the actress looks directly into the camera.