A Life in Leggings | Rachel Sills

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Rachel Sills lives in Manchester, England. She is the author of Two Hundred Houses (Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2015) and Endless/Nameless (Red Ceilings Press, 2015) in collaboration with Richard Barrett. Her work has appeared in 3:AM Magazine, Stand, Shearsman, Tears In The Fence, Molly Bloom, Otoliths, Blackbox Manifold and others. She co-runs the Manchester-based poetry reading series Peter Barlow's Cigarette. 




Swagger down to the chippy like a broad upright

blade of impure gold. These are Hebden Bridge

prices cheesy chips peas & chips chips & gravy

& not chips exactly but fries bendy & lukewarm.

The protruding abdomen of a pregnant woman, trousers

cut very low on the hip. The buttocks (singular & plural).

Add a large soft drink hackles rise over the price


Bullish leggings: aggressive op-art pattern or camouflage. Three-quarter length, ankle socks and retro Adidas.