a liss / Carolyn Guinzio

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 Carolyn Guinzio is the author of the forthcoming Spoke & Dark (Red Hen Press), winner of the To The Lighthouse/A Room of Her Own Prize, Quarry (Parlor Press, 2008), and West Pullman (Bordighera Press, 2005). Her work has appeared in Dear Camera, Smartish Pace, 42opus, and New American Writing.

an incense.

The eggs in the paper
wasp nest depressions

are dormant. Covering
the never-stung, a balm

of incantation.What lies
under the spirit

is the egg
suspended in poison,

the eye turned away:
We have brought you

so far, and now—
If a spore of the self

will fly through the air
in ash and settle,

and grow, and hold
to the earth.

Even in beautiful
places we leave

ourselves to see,
the same need,

the fearful hovering
over the young.