a meadowed king / Sarah Cook

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2013

 Sarah Cook is the author of three previous chapbooks: Like (our teeth press, 2011) as well as ЛОМО (2011) and Radio Silent (2010), both of which were self-published. She is an M.A. candidate at the University of Maine in Orono, with emphases in Creative Writing, Poetics, and Gender Studies. A past editor of West Wind Review, her poems have appeared in metazen, ILK, and phantom limb, and under an older name in WTF PWM and My Name is Mud. Her collaborative work with J. Jean Teed has appeared in Stolen Island, Horse Less Review, and West Wind Review. She sometimes blogs at thingsareimplied.blogspot.com, sometimes “translates” at newworldpoetry.tumblr.com, and lives with three partners in crime, two of whom have whiskers.

Reasons for not entering

the ocean is already full of labradors. i cannot emphasize that last part enough. if my head was farther down my body, it might be my feet. i could touch you by singing about your legs. you could picture me easily upside down, which may help. my email would take care of itself by peering out through my blinds. usually, the world is contagious and oriented toward plummeting: the bedside, the solitary lookout, the places where you, still a child, once rolled over into a pile of broken dishes. it’s not that moving steadily or beautifully doesn’t matter. but the broken glass made you feel like a hundred different people.