All of the Men I have Never Loved / Zoe Dzunko

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2014

 Zoe Dzunko is a doctoral student in Creative Writing at Deakin University and the author of another chapbook, Wet Areas (Maverick Duck Press, forthcoming 2014). She has widely published poetry and short fiction in numerous print and online journals worldwide, some of which can be seen or is forthcoming in places such as Softblow, Antithesis, Gutter Eloquence, Sway Press, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Otoliths, NAP, The Scambler and fwriction: review.


Each of them mislaid
their smiles over time
having tended to devoted wives
closed their eyes half-way
and never fully opened
them again; some have felt
their doughy earlobes
fattened by age and begging
to be kneaded between
two hungry fingers
a thumb’s clockwise strokes
against its forefinger to form
a meaningful caress – a masseuse
Teddy, with assertive hands
folded my arms behind
my back like origami before
his stomach rumbled
when it kissed my shoulder
for a moment – all of these men
I have met but never loved
the quietly spoken Greek
cashier who rounds my groceries
down or the Calabrian fruit vendor
who spun pink ladies like atlas
globes until one apple revealed itself
as wholly unbruised – perfectly
round and pink; another, in need
of directions, was the amiable
English man with the birth
mark, the janitor propped atop
of two prosthetic hips
tipped his hat at me and limped