Anima | Ana Prundaru

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Ana Prundaru is the author of five poetry chapbooks, including most recently Anima and Unstable Tales (Dancing Girl Press). She has contributed to Litro, Camas, Kyoto Journal, Bust, Rise Up Review, Burning House Press, New England Review, among other venues. She lives in Switzerland. You can find her on Twitter via @the_anamaria.





swirl wasted through the equinox
seagulls loll on folding chairs
waves delete whole chapters with cold licks
take turns burying addictions
in sands that soften the rules

let the knot in your throat round you off to a harbor
legs extend and break to ships
swaying away every regret
softening blind emotions to a pale goose, mother of waters
her newborn feeds on your teeth
you chuckle mouthfuls of cold sand
when the coast pulls up and ships capsize
limbs spilling back to a vaguely familiar picture
the numb familiarity of a cyanide waterfall
smile, this is a picture

open your eyes in one silent apologetic existence
morning serves muffled echoes of seashells
you listened to another lifetime ago
the sun coats you lightly with its terra cotta fingerprints
you rise the streets, kill forever and rescue the now
call it a new start and pretend for a moment
there is freedom for everyone in your space
that you owe nothing to the first curse
invincible at last
invincible at least till the next cul-de-sac