[apparatus for manufacturing sunset] / Laressa Dickey

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2014

 Laressa Dickey is the author of four chapbooks (MIEL Books), including A Piece of Information About His Invisibility. Her work has appeared in such journals as Cerise Press, inter|rupture, Newfound, Quarterly West, Aufgabe and American Letters & Commentary. A poetry collection entitled Bottomland is forthcoming in 2014 (Shearsman Books).

"Sometimes the stranger in [apparatus for manufacturing sunset] stands on a shore, imagining flight. “I can feel the inside of myself farming,” claims this uprooted listener, and I feel it, too, whether she’s allowing us to peek into the hallway of the secret rooms that are her footnotes to remembrance orchestra or she’s inhabiting a train headed away. Even as Dickey journeys through a long, beautifully rendered leaving, something necessary and internal is being tended, and it’s thriving."

-- Paula Cisewski, Author of Ghost Fargo

"[apparatus for manufacturing sunset] confirms what I've suspected for some time: Laressa Dickey's kindred include Hermes Trismegistus ("as above, so below") and Paul Éluard ("there is another world, but it is inside this one"). In this multifaceted diptych, we’re given front-row seats not only to the tesserae performance of a remembrance orchestra but a shard encore of the maker of that mosaic. "What is inside is outside," Dickey writes, and "What is out is in." And, lucky for us, she has let us inside the alembic of her within even though she doesn’t “know in some ways what is happening here.” Nor need we though you, like I, will wonder how (even bewildered!) she is able to “make these lines so incredibly precise.” Here is the alchemical proof."

--John Fry, author of silt will swirl