Ars Herzogica | Gina Keicher

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Gina Keicher is the author of Wilderness Champion (Gold Wake Press) and two chapbooks—Here is My Adventure I Call it Alone and Ars Herzogica—both from Dancing Girl Press. Her poems have been published in New Delta Review, Ninth Letter, Salt Hill and Tupelo Quarterly. She lives in Ithaca, New York. 


Ars Herzogica

I see only the overwhelming indifference of nature.
A small lighthouse shines a thin beam across the lake.
I watch the same shows and movies again
and again because I know the endings,
I know when to jump or cry, prepare my heart.
I hope this says something
of my attitude towards death.
I hope I never forget the loud ring
from the day we threw out the rusted cast iron.
I prepare the earth by looking at it,
walking my dog to a little landing by some water,
telling her it’s all going to be okay, taking pictures
of our shadows on the water, picking leaves
from her fur. We are not far from the noise.
Another festival of tent-lined streets for tourists
and locals. Grease-limned food shines
inside everyone’s mouth.
Even the sidewalks are smeared in oil.
Even the stars up here in the sky look like a mess.


 dancing girl press, 2018