(author discount x 50) The Book of Johns | Bernadette McComish

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Born during a blizzard in New York with the gifts of premonition, and manifestation, Bernadette McComish is a fortuneteller and a medium. Her father was an extraterrestrial from the future that traveled back in time, and impregnated her mother in an astral field of honeysuckle. When she writes, her words become reality, and she’s been known to turn lovers into goldfish with a sonnet, and speak directly with shades of drag queens. To her, all people are just a john, regardless if they are a woman, a ghost, or the president…especially if they're the president. She earned an M.F.A. in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence, and an M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language from Hunter College. Her poetry has appeared in The Cortland Review, Sunday Salon, Hospital Drive, Slipstream, Storyscape, Rag Queen Periodical, Flapper House, DeLuge, and New Millennium Writers. She performs and tours with the Poetry Brothel and Poetry Society of New York curing one human at a time with words and glitter. She also teaches High School in Los Angeles.


Dr. Manhattan

Not a man of steel but of matter. They thought
he was gone once, but Jon’s disembodied
consciousness reassembled a blue body
as if fixing a damaged watch.

His ability to disassemble
sub atomic particles makes him
almost a god. But he finds no happiness
in the power to see the future. Because

he realizes tomorrow can not be
changed, and yesterday is sure to be the same
upon waking, the scientist, weapon,
repairman becomes indifferent. His emotions

split when he came as a witness to the light
that took him to pieces.