Bedroom Pop | Claudia Acevedo-Quinones

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Claudia Acevedo-Quiñones is a writer from Puerto Rico whose work focuses on belonging, etymology, and dreams. Her poems and short fiction have appeared in The Brooklyn Rail, Salt Hill Journal, wildness, Radar Poetry, and other publications. She is also the author of The Hurricane Book, forthcoming from Rose Metal Press in 2023. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. 


every single time everything happened

you crossed a. what makes you think you. ew. i’m so disappointed in. how dare. you broke my. are you. i’m worried about. do you really want to. i don’t think you thought this. do you not remember. you seemed to be into. you. why don’t you lay off the. what’s that. it’s the third time this. i’m going to wash your mouth with. i have bad. come to. you’re so. you’re just like your.