Winter 2014/2015 Subscription Sale Bundle

$ 100.00

None of Us Know Any Stories / Emma Sovich

Book of Tell / Jacqueline Kari

How to Live Forever / Susan Denning

Living in A Lonely House / Lisa Cole

Modern Love / Sina Evans

Love Lessons from Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Lisa Cheby

The Month in Which We Are Born / Danielle Susi

Ouija in Suburbia / Lori Lamothe

Diagnosis / Alessandra Bava

The Post, the Cage, The Palisade / Danielle Pieratti

The Ornithologist Poems / Carol Berg

In the Process of Being Heard / Jillian Mukavetz

26 / Anastacia Tolbert

Kestrel / Michelle Reale

Fawn’s Head / Amy Thomas

Self is Wolf / Nicole Oquendo

Spider Blue / Laura Christina Dunn

Anna Lives / Kim Stoll

Cherry Emily/ JSA Lowe

Bad Baby / Abigail Welhouse

Alter Lives of Alter Egos / Kaitlin Dyer

Comings/Goings / Jenni B. Baker

Little Universe  / Meghan Bliss

God of Cold Girls & Cold Places  / Lizzy Huitson

Adventure I Call Alone / Gina Keicher