Dear Sensitive Beard / Caroline Cabrera

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dancing girl press, 2012

 Caroline Cabrera is the author of Flood Bloom (forthcoming, H_NGMAN). Her poems have appeared or will appear in Bateau, Conduit, The Denver Quarterly Interrupture, and Jellyfish, among others. She is chapbook editor at Slope Editions. She lives in Fort Lauderdale.


We could drive all night and never make it past this goddam witch town. This isn’t melodrama—this is Hotel California. We’d have a pretty nice set-up. I’d read palms out back of Taco Loco and you’d lead the spiritualists in séances. We could get a little sugar shack rent free. But boys from neighboring towns would drive by to howl at the moon. Pretty boys all want their hands touched. To search for glowing orbs.