My Body Is Not A Textbook But You Are My Mango / Yu-Han Chao

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dancing girl press, 2013

Yu-Han Chao was born and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. She received her BA from National Taiwan University and MFA from Penn State. The Backwaters Press published her poetry book, We Grow Old: 53 Chinese Love Poems, in 2008. For more writing and artwork, visit

You Are My Mango

My body is not a textbook but you are my mango. Red and wrinkly, finally proportional, a perfect pound. Little green one as pancreas, two large halves for lungs, 30 types in Hawaii alone, blossoming red, yellow, green and purple. But even on a romantic Big Island vacation, at the risk of appearing a loose woman, please remove the rings, before the doctor cuts them off between the fast, the treacly soda, and the glucose screen.