Shrivel and Bloom | Emily Murman

$ 7.00

Emily Murman is a poet & educator from Chicago. She holds an MFA in poetry from National University and graduated in June 2021. “SHRIVEL AND BLOOM” is her debut chapbook, & her chapbook “I want your emergency” is forthcoming via Selcouth Station Press in July 2021. She can be found on Twitter @emilymurman.





I stood outside in the rain watching

the others jump and sway 

neon light catching

on sweaty dresses   plastic cups    grins


my ghoulish reflection on glass

the cling of my shirt to shrugged shoulders

hung there I

was the fish fading at the bottom of the bowl

 grey scales     flaking             off for slides

and wet specimens

my body rounding, swelling in glassy pupils


the distorted float    the bloating