devis[h]er | Sandee Woodside

$ 7.00

A native New Yorker turned Asia expat, Sandee is a writer, editor, teacher, and student—at times, all in one day. She is currently completing her MA in Literary Linguistics through the University of Nottingham with a focus on Cognitive Poetics and trauma. When not writing, or studying someone else's writing, she's likely home satisfying a binge or running about: commuting, dancing, destroying shoes...

While living in Saigon she founded ‘Folio’, a recurring interdisciplinary art event, and since residing in Taipei, she’s co-founded and runs the ‘Taipei Poetry Collective’. Her most recent prose appears in The News Lens International, and while her poetry has been printed in Promethean, Sonder Quarterly, Beechwood Review, and her Collective’s self-published Versify zines, devis(h)er is her debut chapbook.




haven’t heard from you all day,
some updates:
it’s raining on the borrowed kettle again,
my donation bag is not full enough,
i have been offered cock and clothes;
i will acquire once unwanted items