Eve and All the Wrong Men | Aviya Kushner

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Strange to have men
in my building, in my apartment,
in my classroom, in my phone
and in my mailbox—
men in my life
but not in my life,
men in my living room, in the bathroom,
far as the hallway
but not in the bed:
Men of my childhood,
men of the long friendships
I have somehow clawed
onto, and through,
and then there are
the lovely older women
of my building on the lake,
looking out
onto the water,
utterly man-less, there at the end—
and I want oh so desperately
not to become
them, though in their pleasant
satisfaction I see
they have no wish to become me,
decades younger as I am.
And maybe to want
a man—a man in my life, completely—
is to want to become,
and one day that great
desire is over,
and so there are the man-less ladies
in their eighties
saying, I can just be, here I am,
in my fur-trimmed hat, being.