Unconditional | Cornelia Barber

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Cornelia Barber is a New York writer. In her duel writing and healing work she investigates lineage, intimacy, race and the psychic and physical ecologies of people, plants, places and animals. Her work can be found in Prelude, The Felt, Berfrois, Fanzine, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Entropy, Weird Sister and more. She is an editor at Queen Mobs Teahouse and currently works on her late father, author and political theorist, Benjamin Barber's archive.






I don’t know if you also have issues with confidence, or if you’ve ever been in a room with all your friends and they act like you’re not there and that makes you sad and other times it makes you feel really content; or if you’ve ever played alone in your room when you are 24 and pretended to be a doctor and your pillow is the patient and wished you still owned your Barbies; or if you pray to something, but carry around crystals and are afraid you’re an idolater; or if you masturbated 9 times in row right before you wrote this.


I’ve never done any of that stuff, but I know how you feel.


And I love you anyway.