Poems for Business Travelers / A.E. Loveridge

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A. E. Loveridge’s poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Barely South Review, The Tulane Review, Used Furniture Review, Southern Women’s Review, The New Yinzer, and anthologized by Carlow University Press. Her literary fiction chapbook, Congregation, was published by Little Book Publications in 2008. She has attended the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference for fiction and will be attending the 2011 Sewanee Writers’ Conference in poetry. An Atlanta, GA native, she now lives and writes in Pittsburgh, PA.

Something More About the Grass

Say the grass is brittle beneath your bare shoulder blades.
Say it dried in the June sun of Georgia, where

only today you wore a cap and gown, immediately swore
to leave this suburb, to drive as far North as

your rusted car, your grocery store wages, could carry you.
Say the boy who covers you in this dark grass

has never asked your name, has never kissed your lips
but has found your thighs in the dark and smothered

your mouth with a sweaty hand. You will miss curfew.
Say something more about the grass. Drive away from here.