After New Ambiance | Laura Carter

$ 7.00

 Laura Carter lives in Atlanta, where she teaches and drives Uber for a living. Her previous chapbooks have been published by Dancing Girl, Greying Ghost, Ungovernable, Grey/Wildilfe, WonderRoot/Loose Change, and ShirtPocket.  



Very Fine Was the Last of the Valentines


And then I just don’t know where,

or how, everything happened.

Listen: spokes

turn as

a beginning feels like what you wanted or

what you didn’t want besides the cloud.

Her book was all about what the sky

really did look like:

beautiful, untamed, something new.

All I have is my lack of a tremolo,

my lack of ordinary cellos.

My last valentine was written for you.

It was almost like autumn.

It was almost like September,

a coral clasp of something hiding.

But I am not worried.

Somewhere, people fear skies

because they are made of old water.

There are times I count myself among

the one who cannot go back to that ocean of

analogy, where a woman makes what

peace she can with the wrong thing, old criminals,

a sad wish.