Agoraphobia / Kristen LaTour

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2013


 Kristin LaTour's work has appeared in the journals Fifth Wednesday, After Hours, Pearl, and Rambunctious Review, as well as online at New Verse News and La Fovea. She has a chapbook of dramatic monologues titled Town Limits: Red Beaver Lake, Minnesota published by Pudding House Press and another, Blood, from Naked Mannequin Press.

Victorian Postcard

Mabel, dear, the water is grand, foaming
and frothing every morning. My wool
suit is soaked, and may never dry. I taste
like salt. I wish you could lick my wrist;
I am well-seasoned. The sun has found
its way inside me somehow. I didn’t open
myself to it, as you warned, and yet, I
feel its light even when I close my eyes
indoors behind the shutters. I miss you.
Please come so I may hold a shell to your
ear and whisper to you like a small fish.