(all the things you're not) | Tara Roeder

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Tara Roeder makes her living as an Associate Professor of Writing Studies.  Her work has appeared in about two dozen venues, including Hobart, THRUSH, The Bombay Gin, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Two Serious Ladies, DOGZPLOT, Cheap Pop, and Cease, Cows.  She lives in New York City with her dog and cat.


(all the things you’re not)

slow and steady; an encyclopedia; floating above mount vesuvius; about to pay a parking ticket; a starfish; saying my name; drawing turtles in the sand with your finger; bursting into bloom; a pediatrician; doing the charleston; making me pancakes; an hourglass; crawling toward a mirage in a state of fever; kansas; a collection of rocks; exceptionally kind; glowing radioactively; buying me flowers; two small boys under a trenchcoat; extremely boisterous; an ant hill; buying a starship; in my bed