Alone in this Together | Jaime Zuckerman

$ 7.00

Jaime Zuckerman is a poet and educator living in the Boston area. Her poetry appears or is forthcoming in Ampersand, NAP, Fruita Pulp, Ghost Ocean, Paper Nautilus and elsewhere. Jaime is currently an MFA candidate at Emerson College. 





It is true that our mirrors

are infinite lakes,

though we see little

of their distances.


This is how echoes work:

we call out and want to hear

our little sounds

bounce off solid rock.

Instead, we hear drowning,

helpless again.


We dive in to rescue ourselves,

trumpets in our guts.

When we lay wet and new and panting,

we still feel the water

slipped around us,

hand around bone,

an arm reaching up from the green.

Once we’ve forgotten,

it happens anew,

turn and trauma fresh.


It is true that we choose

one brand of loneliness

over another.