Alone With Our Weapons | Hannah Wagner

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Hannah Wagner is a resident of Wilmington, Massachusetts. She graduated from Salem State University. She works as an advocate for Cystic Fibrosis patients during the day and can be seen acting in many productions across the North Shore at night. Her work has been featured in The American Journal of Poetry, Mass Poetry's Poem of the Moment, Soundings East, Twyckenham Notes, Ghost City Press, Incessant Pipe, Sweet A Literary Confection and others.


Kingdom Come

We built our kingdom out of sheets
and hung them from the bed post

to make the masts of a ship.
We don’t go anywhere, just float.

Lay in the hammock of each other’s body
and feel the others breeze pass through us.

Lance taunts me,
‘time to go back to your real kingdom’.

Sometimes to survive you need places to escape to.
When I was a child I made a house out of leaves

you were the daddy and I was the mommy.
When I went home -to my real home, no one questioned me.

My husband is an impenetrable fort of masculinity.
He swallows the sun and chooses when to radiate on you

and when to leave you in the shadows.
I keep the bed hot. I almost sink into the mattress-

become another piece of furniture.
I watch the sheets on the bed frame

rise in the wind like a soft belly,
taking its first breath.