Animals in Pretty Cages / Carrie Bennett

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dancing girl press, 2013

Carrie Bennett received a BA and MA in English from Florida State University and a MFA in poetry from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Her first book of poetry, Biography of Water, won the 2004 Word Works' Washington Prize. Her poems have appeared in America Literary Review, Boston Review, Caketrain, Chelsea, Denver Quarterly, Horse Less Review, Indiana Review, Interim, Salamander, among others. She currently teaches writing at Boston University.

from Animals in Pretty Cages:


Each night the body repeats itself: fold quilt down, crawl under quilt, fully-clothed with eyeglasses and hat, place head on pillow, keep eyes open, wait, wait, wait, push quilt back, climb out of bed, walk into living room, sit in recliner, fold hands over lap, begin humming above tune, wait, wait, wait, walk back into bedroom and repeat. [Note: some cats will lick until no fur is left.]