Anna Lives / Kim Stoll

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 Kim Stoll was raised along the muddy banks of the Perkiomen Creek in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Now far from any waters, she resides in Tucson where she received her MFA from the University of Arizona. Many thanks to the editors of the following publications where versions of some of the poems in this chapbook have appeared: Birdfeast, Ilk, Cloud Rodeo, The Boiler, Bodega, 90smegryan, and The Pinch.



What Anna’s Been Up To

Anna’s been telling lies. Been gagging on air, puking up someone else’s medication. Anna’s been rain on the mountains lately, plotless and wrong. Should maybe not wear a dress if she’s gonna sit like that, pulling legs off of Daddy Longlegs. Anna’s eaten several small meals throughout the day like she read she should. She’s been rating her recent transactions. Four stars. Five stars. One. Anna’s been in your bed, using your movie account. She’s been searching for herself online, searching aliens and angels and if it’s possible she is one. But wouldn’t I know if I was?