are me / anna elena eyre

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 anna elena eyre is currently a PhD candidate in poetics and poetry at SUNY-Albany. Recently, her work has been published in Little Red Leaves, H_NG M_N, EOAGH, Moira, and others. Her chapbook Metaplasmic was published by effing press in 2004. '


today the world is A charge she
A molecular structure shifts substance she
acquire A statue that suits her standard she
call to you to say A sampling she
carries small pies in baskets chocolate pudding in pumpkins she
heard the decision to flatten stance as jigsaw she
gonna dance A fine tone watch out she
call you an ostrich and hold you an octopus she
frightened the curve of line spectacular she
travels some distance to stand & watch gymnasts she
A bat swung herself solid she
absolute A flexible block she
what was said was said she
in doubt of circumstance as experience she
marshmallow fluff tongue taste bud she
all about all she
about no know thing she
clickety clack a long simple derivative she
annihilate an executive transistor she
flesh you out an unraveled laugh she
could be a distant nearness she
a close far ness she
a ness she
carries an absolute non essential she