Between Work and Light | Rachel King

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 Rachel King is a writer and editor who lives in her hometown, Portland, Oregon. Most recently her stories and poems have appeared in One StoryFlyway, and Offcourse. Follow her on twitter @rachelkingpdx.



Fridge Note #52

Hello sunshine! I forgot your pleasures
so busy was I praising rain. Granted,
you too can cause pain, and side by side
it’s hard to distinguish one from the other.
Tomato stalks popped up a foot yesterday,
though I had no time to water.
Some call them the king of all plants,
but I reserve that label for garlic or ginseng.
I am forever the adverse blue bonnet,
so busy making myself from scratch I forget
my delicate lining, vulnerable to compression,
in rain or sun. I will foster my savvy side
by answering questions indirectly.
My mom asks: Are you sleeping?
I answer: Enough.