Blue Sheila | Serena Braida

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Serena Braida is a bilingual poet, writer, performer and voice practitioner based in London. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in HotelOrlando, Disclaimer, hotdogNuovi Argomenti and others, in Italian narrative non-fiction anthology Quello che hai amato (UTET 2015) and in Wretched Strangers, an anthology around themes of citizenship, borders, migration and melancholy by Boiler House Press (June 2018). Performances and readings have included Goldsmiths LitLive, the Festival of Italian Literature in London, the European Poetry Festival, the Royal Albert Hall's Elgar Room and Muscovado (Burnt Out Theatre). Serena co-curates the Locomotrix literary series at Housmans Radical Bookshop.



Sheila was given it all. cake and continental philosophy she was
fed, taught, shown
two wings like those of a great
eagle, shown Greece and how
to drink from your palms, made
to touch peaches and the ocean. Sheila’s
sad, infuriating eyes.