Body Parts | Shannon Phillips

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Shannon Phillips earned her MFA in Creative Writing from California State University, Long Beach. Her first chapbook, My Favorite Mistake, is available from Arroyo Seco Press. After teaching ESL for 3 years, she decided to study Arabic and is currently pursuing her goal of working as a translator. She is also the founding editor of Picture Show Press and Carnival, an online poetry magazine.


Failing at English

I want to describe her legs as lusty,
as in: inspires my lust, but I can’t.

Lusty is a state, not to be projected
on legs or hair or a look.

It also means robust:
She has robust legs that are lust-worthy.

“I feel lustful” does not work for me, either.

The same is not true for sexy.

Her legs can be sexy, I can be sexy,
I can feel sexy and I can be inspired
to think of sex

by looking at her legs.