but she can't help it | Kristin Peterson

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Kristin Peterson is a poet and filmmaker based in Milwaukee, WI. Her poetry has been published in the Great Lakes Review, Burdock '12, drupe fruits and by pity milk press, as well as online with Rogue Agent, Flag + Void, and ICHNOS. You can also find her work in the recently published anthology "Return to the Gathering Place of the Waters" (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, 2017). She is currently developing a feature length film and a collection of short stories and plays.



this is the age of the internet of growing timelines! regrets in the shape of by-lines!


holy ideas                                                   beeping behind us, alerting me the quarter after every

hour about          disease (on the hour! on the hour! on the hour!)

about flagrant bean next to bean  ...hope to aerate before my mouth begins foaming!                   but you!

you, when buttons are pushed, are my integrated pest management.        and when they secrete,

they secreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeete from your

jittering knees, finally,

and calmly.