Call it an Immersion / Neele Dellschaft

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Neele Dellschaft is a writer, maker and scientist currently living in the UK. Her work has appeared in 111O, the Carolina Quarterly, Lighthouse Journal, the International Poetry Review and others, a chapbook has been published by MIEL in 2012, I Come Home and I Move Differently, and another chapbook is forthcoming, NANTES In Summer.

Body and sea

My arms are connected to my legs.

All my body is one – my shoulders go

from one point across to the other.

Das Liegen vor der Tür, der Kopf vertraut.

Heavy sea water grey, white horizon

turns blue above. My body is at home with water.

It likes the wind on it. My body approves of colours.

My body is one body by itself.

My head is one part like my foot is or my knee.

It has a tendency to run out of its own control,

my foot never does. My body moves on the inside

when I sit still. They dopplered all my vessels.

My body can move its outside. My insides have a way

of knowing how much they want of food and touch.

My body knows who I love. The red

of no-smoking signs is a good, clean red.