capsule wardrobe for the end of the world | Emilie Lindemann

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Emilie Lindemann is the author of a full length collection, mother-mailbox (Misty Publications, 2016), and several chapbooks, including Small Adult Trees/Small Adulteries and Queen of the Milky Way (both from dancing girl press). An associate professor of English at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, she lives on a farm in rural Wisconsin with her husband and son. To outsmart anxiety monster, she enjoys taking walks in the woods, wearing floral dresses (which would indeed be part of her capsule wardrobe if she had one), drinking rose-flavored iced tea, and going to the beach with her son.



{anxiety monster 8}
For a few moments, there is nothing but body.
Cool water/ muck-seaweed-sponge surface/ the kicky legs/
of side stroke. Fuchsia and orange swimsuit.
Still, too thick to swim away from the email/Instagram/online class loops
overtaking your system/ in fits and starts
Exhale, paintbrush. 70’s wood cupboards replaced with clean white.
Exhale, fuchsia roses burgeoning beyond living room window.