Circumstances of the House and Moon / Caroline Klocksiem

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2013


 Caroline Klocksiem received her MFA in creative writing at ASU and her work has appeared in a variety of journals, including The Iowa Review; Hayden’s Ferry Review; The Pinch; BlazeVox; H_NGM_N; and others. She is a Swarthout Award recipient, a Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship recipient and 2011 Pushcart Prize Nominee. Currently, she teaches English and Literature at the University of Alabama.

When you yawn I yawn

Because of the bottle rocket’s
blossom in your ear when you were a boy,
you have to watch my lips as if you would paint them.

You walk without the pitiless crunch of the snow,
without the yawp of the passing busses. The city

on your left might as well be sleeping,
the couple on the other side of the wall
might be loving… And why not

try to go all day without your glasses
as well? I promise to speak up. I will graze
your forearm like a sparrow when the light changes.

The curve between my lips will be fuzzier,
the boundaries of my skin more blurred
by yours. It would be a truth that you would need

the very thing that you are looking for
to find the thing that you are looking for.