Comings / Goings | Jenni B. Baker

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dancing girl press, 2015


Jenni B. Baker is an experimental poet and editor based in Bethesda, MD.  Her poetry — mostly found, some not — has been published in more than three dozen journals and publications.  She is currently creating erasure poetry from David Foster Wallace’s 1079-page novel Infinite Jest. In 2011, she founded The Found Poetry Review, the first literary journal dedicated exclusively to publishing erasure, cut-up and related types of found poetry.






Words hold no holy bond

post-scotch drown, grow hot

on downtown’s gold crowns,

to-do crowds. Old Crow’s

shot sons glow strong on glory,

know wrong lots, lost control.


My cross, fox-born boy, go slow:

torch no stories, storm no shows.

For worth-proof, blow smoky

to my post-p.m. door, cool blood

on comfort. For mottos, know only

my soft, long-off look: not now.