Constraint | Delia Tramontina

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Delia Tramontina is originally from Flushing, NY. She  received her MFA in Writing and Poetics from Naropa University in 2001. Her work most recently appeared in Eleven Eleven. For 3.5 years, she co-hosted Poet As Radio, a weekly show on writing and poetry, streaming online on San Francisco Community Radio/KUSF In Exile. She currently lives and works in San Francisco.


Tuesday’s concubine tastes like a mental strawberry, flowers as if to sprawl yoga legs bi-costal. Marshal, let me squeeze my axons until they electrocute my thigh-high chakra root. A placebo bears false witness like a docile sugar daddy, educates and then disintegrates. My antigens are abominable, they forget that a venereal disease fights extinction like a triceratops. All acorns are pro-life; they perpetuate more than they depress. A watchmaker articulates climate change, focuses time as if vile light bends or rapes. Oh punk man cometh, build us castles from corroded piles of omitted penitentiaries. If this is psychosis, let us blame the unchaste symbiosis, ions rubbing elbows. A tetanus shot is medicine’s Rube Goldberg; it prostitutes biological serendipity. Fallow father, trial a ripe laceration. I communicate better in preventative light.