Day Circus | Sina Evans

$ 7.00


Sina Evans is a poet and book artist living in Los Angeles.  On the weekends, she feels equally at home chasing graffiti murals or desert wildflowers, and she falls in love a lot.  She likes to linger at the intersection where language and art collide.  Sina serves as the From the Archives editor at Right Hand Pointing.  Day Circus is her second chapbook with dancing girl press.




All around the Big Top, clowns mingled with double-breasted wives and roustabouts and ministers, donkeys and a band of Arabs and religious barkers, gaudily painted ladies and La-adies in spangled tights, and clusters of trained potatoes, and plaster goats and brass lady bareback riders and card sharps, and birds on strings in shaggy tutus, and detachable cowboys and blind prospectors and short cannibals in long cloaks chewing gum, pink fluffy cootch dancers and badly-crippled balloons and black-and-yellow zebras and popcorn cartons and veiled charioteers and ten shrill girls.