Decomposition / J Gay

$ 7.00


dancing girl press, 2014

 J. Gay received her Bachelor's from the College of Santa Fe and her Master's from Stonecoast. She
lives in New Mexico with her husband and son.

My Tongue

Is a thief, stealing
the squeal of fluorescent lights,
the hiss of cars on wet streets,
the crack of a face on linoleum.

My tongue has illicit affairs
with the nose and ears.
It plays Dionne Warwick records
while mixing up an Old Fashioned.
It whispers
lullabies to the throbbing and blistered
tonsils dripping with sickness.

Is a hypocrite.
Morality is for the brain and heart
and it doesn’t have time
to hold sweaty, pubescent hands.
It is a flapping wound
wet and wide.

My tongue begs for sweet lullabies
from you, you the blistered,
you the throbbing,
you the swollen throng.