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Rose Hunter is the author of three books of poetry: You As Poetry (Texture Press), [four paths] (Texture Press), and to the river (Artistically Declined Press). She is from Australia originally, lived in Toronto for ten years, and is now in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. More information about her is available at Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home ( 


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how long should we wait before
wearing a dead man’s clothes?

everyone has finished already we are
taking away the plates, sorry 

yet i’ve heard it said in death
you do not panic you aren’t

bombarded by images but wait
for what is going to happen 

i tried to imagine it but couldn’t
really, and these scenarios, whirling

flying slamming rubber metal waiting
casi instantáneamente

what is casi, it’s insufficient.
none of this could have been

imagined when i met you early
evening and i was singing lalala!

and laughing and you were too
whereas there was often an

apprehension to your mask of
decisiveness with misgiving 

underpinnings, or remembering
how you’d catch me up on insurgentes

or wait at the corner, carranza
writing, also, is more of a dead thing

that keeps on after like i’ve heard
brains do. sunset in vallarta

outside that new argentinian
restaurant where other people

eat steaks sip red wine