Difficult Trick | Danielle Evennou

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Danielle Evennou is a writer who grew up in suburban New Jersey. For over a decade, she has kept herself busy by hosting poetry readings, workshops, and open mics in Washington, DC. Her poetry and memoir appear in aptBeltway Poetry QuarterlyDryland, and Split Lip Magazine. Her chapbook, DIFFICULT TRICK, is available from dancing girl press. With the help of therapy, she is learning how to calm the f*** down. Find out more about Danielle and her work at www.whatevennou.com.  


Photo Credit: Fid Thompson



from Difficult Trick

In Myrtle Beach, I’m one of two girls from my team competing solo. Hit my long tumbling pass three times in warm-ups. In competition, midway through the routine, I reach straight back instead of up and my shoulders press into the mat. Shatter when the music stops. A woman in the audience suggests: ambulance.