Don't Come Crying To Me / Tara Boswell

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dancing girl press, 2015



Tara Boswell is a New Jersey native who lives and writes in Chicago. She is an Assistant Poetry Editor for Phantom Books  Her work is published or forthcoming in Salt Hill, PANK, Heavy Feather Review, ILK, Parcel, and elsewhere.




my parents play crime shows to scare me to sleep

tonight there are no signs of forced entry

but there is blood in the yard the blood

on the kitchen tiles has pooled

under her head and turned syrup

all of the cabinets are swung open

but nothing was taken

the family wants her gold necklace from the evidence bag

but is kept waiting in the lobby

they won’t show the victim’s panties

rolled halfway to her knees

in the dramatic reenactments

before there was DNA there was blood typing

and stomach contents weighed in plastic

my dad says it’s water and clay

mother says go to sleep but

how does the duct tape feel on the actress and

does she know the prop guy personally

how she must wash off her double ligature marks

how close he came to coming when fake stabbing

(dad what’s coming)

polygraph needles

an actress bound


an employee of the nearby brass factory explains

the scratches on his face as metal shavings

twenty years later he is much softer

than composite sketches and the knuckles

on his hands have grown