feed | Kristy Bowen

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dancing girl press & studio, 2021

88 pg.


This new collection hovers in the tension between mothers and daughters. The ghost of each that inhabits the other. The body that hungers and sustains. From a starving Gretel to mothers to strange imaginary children  the speakers explore the body as memory.  As prison.  As key.




Soon, the baby is full of bees.  Bees in the bathtub, bees in the bassinet. Floating the surface of your coffee each morning without fail, tiny wings sticky with cream. Who can be a good mother amidst all this hum, the summer house thick with hives. The lives you've given up to get there.  Every tiny shoe, every tiny spoon slick with honey. Who can be a good mother to a child made of wax, even now softening in the sun.