Feelings Are Chemicals in Transit / Siel Ju

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dancing girl press, 2014

Siel writes poems and stories.

Her chapbook, Might Club is forthcoming from Horse Less Press. Her poems and stories appear in Denver Quarterly, Drunken Boat, The Missouri Review, ZYZZYVA, Hobart, LIT, and other places.

The recipient of the Academy of American Poets’s Joan Giles Poetry Prize (Judge: Bin Ramke), Siel holds a Ph.D. in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Southern California.

Santa Monica

With the extra time I bought money.
Priced myself into his square flat.
My alias got its blowout makeover. She was
a bicycle rolling free, sappy squeaks and chirps.
Pragmatically, I couldn’t have botched it better.
Each morning rose shrouded in hyssop fog.
At night the heater’s pop and lock.
For the game I let him hold closed my eyes.
Truffle dice and ice cube markers.
Ungloved I mimed trust and desire
with my cold hands.