Figments (& other occurences) / Laurie Blauner

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dancing girl press, 2013

 The author of six books of poetry, three novels and a novella, Laurie Blauner received an MFA from The University of Montana. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in various publications, including The New Republic, The Nation, The Georgia Review, The Seattle Review, The New Orleans Review, Poetry, and American Poetry Review. She has received an NEA grant, King County Arts Commission, Seattle Arts Commission, Artist Trust, and Centrum grants and awards. Laurie Blauner lives in Seattle, Washington.

Imaginary Bodies

Take me there, where I'm ordinary and you aren't, a suitcase of wings, the zippered dead, a canopy of angels overhead. Light never promised me anything. There are no profound windows filled with trees, rain, stars, intentions. Whatever happened, happened to you.

Each moment climbs a staircase that ends in blame. I avoid your bruises, jungle of hair, skin without seams. You've become a hobby no one knows what to do with. I tread lightly in the too cold room although I don't have to. I collapse, cry, entertain a deep desire to breed.

As I think of living without you, your muscles turn and clutch mine. I corkscrew away. I'll go to the forest where I was created. I'll wake up the dogs to chase me far enough away to start over again.