fish and feathers | Rose Hunter

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Rose Hunter’s book, glass, was published by Five Islands Press (Australia, 2017). She is also the author of three poetry books in the US and one previous chapbook with dancing girl press, descansos (2015). She is from Australia, lived in Toronto for ten years, and now spends a lot of time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. More information about her is available at Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home ( 



white water

i mean this eye worming

saltwater fumes and rain, egg white
cream and buttermilk sure
to think of sponge cake at this point
i felt sash cast satin bow

and wide white wake and thought
you must have felt it too

from over this pacific.
sierra, marlin, swordfish
well it’s that time of year
and for one hundred pesos

but bets you can get it for eighty
huachinango, mahi mahi

all those corpses they have them
torn mouths underbite
and last sweet wave